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Gamble against stunning virtual girls. Win and they'll undress for you, lose and you're just another down and out deadbeat.
Private Dancer is set in 2959 on the hedonistic island of Los Amantes. You gamble against the beautiful hand picked professional dancers that inhabit the Pleasure Dome - the island's main casino. Each time you win, the showgirl you're playing performs part of her exotic dance, slowly removing her clothing layer by layer.
If you're good enough, you can win her as one of your Private Dancers and watch her perform in the fantasy dance room again and again…

Stunning, beautifully rendered, computer generated fantasy dancers all motion captured at AudioMotion's studios.
Motion Capture sequences performed by award winning international exotic dancers.
Futuristic environments that morph to reflect the character of each dancer and their fantasy outfits.
Player control over camera angles during dance sequences performed as the girls remove their clothes.
In game environments developed in collaboration with Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Clubs.
Gambling games - Video Poker, Blackjack, Double Down Stud, Red Dog, Let It Ride, Catch A Wave.
Nude patch already installed! save game included !

Type: 3D Game
Size: 250 MB
Language: English
Password: mercury