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If you liked Biko2 you will be very happy with this game. The 3d Animations are even better and you are allowed even MORE options than in Biko2. You even have the ability to remove a girl's glasses or hat and then it will be gone for the duration of the 3D scene! Each of the 5 Females has 2 paths you can take through the 3D scenes.
There are different Ending CG's for each path so each females has around 12-14CG's + 3D Animations, not bad. Also the Animated CG's are the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN in a bishoujo game. You also get options to remove the scene elements (player, walls, objects) so that you can see better, Nice touch.
You will not be disappointed in the graphics within this game.

Type: 3D Game/2D Game/Flash Game/Other
Size: ??? MB
Language: English
Password: password here