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The world where several over hundred thousand years the demon which continues strenuously derived and from the times when myth rules, industrial revolution it has been about it will cover for a long time and to receive the dawn of the anther new times which could be passed.
The protagonist, this year, just became the adult the young youth.
Remote region west of [garudeorea] kingdom, it confronts in the immense lake from the parental roof which serves the petty offical in the mountain deep farm village separated, one person you did to this town.
If as for here among learning it is the old craftsman city where it has the tradition that, it is change of occupation possible at anything degree.
Purpose the fact that work of lifetime is found is lovely the sweetheart searching.
He the woman of some person it can do to know each other to the night of saintly descending overlooking festival which half year later is approached it probably is possible to shoot dead her heart of idea?

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Type: 2D Game
Size: ??? MB
Language: English
Password: - none -