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This game is a novel game that warps the social position of the masseurs in Japanese hotels. A young couple is tricked, and the wife is given an obscene massage.

There are two endings, so after clearing the game you can play the game from the husband's point of view.

* Summary
Shido Akira, a former masseur, was discharged from his profession because he violated the national standards with his obscene massages.
Now, he has opened up shop for himself.
However, he hasn't given up on his passion for making wives go wild with his massages, and he visits the Hagaya hotel.
There, his eye falls on Hasegawa Aina.
Akira deceives Aina by telling her that he is the only masseur in the hotel and approaches her.

* Cast of characters
- Hasegawa Aina (CV: Sasaki Saki)
Hasegawa Shuichi's wife

- Hasegawa Shuichi
Hasegawa Aina's husband.
He is the heir to the Hasegawa business group.

- Shido Akira
The protagonist.
He is a master masseur, but because he touched his customers indecently he was discharged.

Type: 2D Game
Size: 31 MB
Language: Japanese
Password: - none -