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Masato lives a happy life with his wife, Ichika. But one day, a disc is sent to him. The disc contains some videos of Ichika having sex with someone. He can't turn his face away from it.... A few days later, another disc is sent to him.... The disc contains all Ichika's sex history.... A man finally appears in front of Masato.... What does Masato think about her indecent past experiences...? What will happen to them in the end...?

Type: 2D Game
Size: 300++ MB
Language: Japanese
Password: - none -

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

1) Download the DC
2) Mount and Install
3) After installation is done, download the "THelp.dat" and copy the file to the game's installed directory.
4) Play. There should be no more error message when you click to exit.