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Hentai game were a group of girls try to get to the bottom of a dungeon to help there prince. In terms of hentai the game has a main animated sex scene for each of the 6 characters as well as various other scenes that can be unlocked during events in the dungeon. Once you have viewed an adult scene once it can be accessed from the memory option in the main menu. It would be an advantage to have a basic understanding of Japanese to play this game to read things like skill/spell names but with some patience you could manage through it without any Japanese knowledge. If you just want to view the hentai a my most completed save is linked below.

In terms of gameplay it is similar to a dungeon crawler without the need to manually explore the dungeon. First you need to create a party and you can choose from 6 classes (Fighter, Assassin, Dancer, Rogue, Mage, Medic) however in the dungeon only 2 girls can be active at a time with 1 in reserve. When in the dungeon you keep pressing a button to search the dungeon getting events such as traps, monster ecounters and finding treasures. After searching for a while you find the way to the next level, as you get further down boss monsters need to be defeated to progress. The game has a leveling system, spells, skills, useable items and finally wearable equipment including various sexy costumes.

In total the game has 25 levels with 8 boss monsters to beat. Check the screenshots below for a basic translation of some of the menus in the game.

Type: 2D Game
Size: 366 MB
Language: English
Password: - -