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Ryouji's summer has ended in disaster - he's lost his girlfriend and has nothing but a pair of unused 'Mouseland' amusement park tickets to show for it. But when he heads home from work on the last day of vacation, his life changes forever. A bizarre thunderstorm appears, and along with his beautiful cousins Shana and Yuuki, he's swept into an alternate dimension where girls dress in the sexiest costumes imaginable! Playing as Ryouji, your task is clear: find love in this brave new world of fun and fetishwear! With 10 possible endings, including multiple 'harem' scenarios, choosing between potential targets of affection has never been more fun. Whether it's the cute and shy moe girl Kotori, the outgoing, energetic Shana, the stern but passionate Yuuki, the mature, well-rounded Maika, or the deviant Akari, Cosplay Fetish Academy has you covered!

Type: 2D Game
Size: 2.1 GB
Language: English
Password: - none -